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College = Slain.

Film Analysis - A
Studies in Film: Reel Nature - A
Commercial Photo I (Lighting) - A
Koopman Chair - A
Professional Practices in Photo - A

Cumulative GPA: 3.85

Graduating with Honors.

Feb. 10th, 2009



I just attempted to make coffee with my mom's coffeemaker, and, even with an entire individual-sized container of Silk poured into the giant mug I used, it is still too strong to drink. I'm very sad that a) I just wasted a bunch of coffee and soymilk and b) there is no coffee left for me to drink.

I made a new journal. Not because of the hacking incident, which really didn't amount to any damage other than a deleted and replaced user icon. I just came up with an interesting concept for a philosophy of living and blogging and wanted to grab the username before anyone else stole it. Until further notice I'm keeping this journal. In fact, I may keep it indefinitely for personal entries.

The new username is beaumangeur. It was one of the outcast name suggestions for "vegan" before Donald Watson, the founder of the Vegan Society, coined the term. It translates to beautiful eater or one who eats in a beautiful way. I think it would be interesting to expand upon the philosophies of veganism to focus on health - a truly holistic view of health. Not just of the animal, or the vegan, but to the health of the planet and the health of society. I think also the health of the mind through examined living and the arts should be included. Many vegans draw the line at animal rights or personal health. Issues such as GMO's and the huge corporations who create them, organic farming, local farmers aren't necessarily included in vegetarian philosophy. I think mental health, in a different way than sane or not sane, should be considered too.

I've long been wanting to blog about veganism and I think it would be well to have a separate journal for it so that those who want to "opt in" can do so, while not alienating my non-vegetarian brethren.

It remains to be seen whether or not I will start blogging until after my show goes up, as I'm supposed to be concentrating on other pursuits at the moment.
Yesterday after my last post was one of the worst days EVER. I am not in Toronto and my trip has been postponed for sometime in the future. Also, apparently one of my papers had been due last Friday and I had no idea. The prof was extremely weird about it too. His communication was very brief and sparse and led me to believe I was in deep shit but I guess he ended up being lenient about the late paper in the end. There was some other really bad shit yesterday that I'd rather not talk about just now, so yeah.

But I don't want to dwell. I've talked and talked yesterday out with my parents and friends and things are looking a lot better today.

I'm dressed to kill and I'm going out on the town tonight so I'm excited. Ann took care of me today and brought me thrift store shopping and then we got falafel. Also got my grades in:

City in Film: A-
Koopman Chair/Photography: B+
Senior Seminar/Photography: A
View Camera/Photography: A
AUCT: Issues in Health and Society: A
I am fucking done. -kicks semester-

I have not slept or eaten properly in days. My body hates me.

Tangerant 11.22.08

This articleCollapse ) [http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=97320958] written by Brian Eno relates to something I've been thinking about for a while - probably since I started going out and dancing frequently, especially with my friend Rachel. When Rachel and I go out dancing together she reminds me not to be self-conscious about moving my body around a bunch of strangers or, worse, people I sort of know or know well. When we start dancing on an empty dance floor we just forget about being shy (sometimes this requires a couple drinks and a couple of high-spirited colluding trannies) and modest, and when we're dancing in a crowd of other enthusiastic dancers we feel connected to the other people around us - maybe not as strongly as the sense of community Eno talks about in a capella singing, but close. I don't like when I feel like I'm performing - when I'm conscious that other people don't want to make fools of themselves and are instead staring longingly at me like kids without swim trunks on a hot day. I like when other people feel like I've invited them in and start dancing too.

Something Eno mentions is a study "conducted in Scandinavia [that] sought to discover which activities related to a healthy and happy later life. Three stood out: camping, dancing and singing." I think that's remarkably beautiful, because music, dance, and interaction with the natural world are things that I'm finding very important to a good quality of life. It's funny how these things are considered "extras" in our society - things we get to do if we get the "important" stuff done. I think mental and spiritual health are linked to physical health. I think society pushes us towards the rational, the tangible, the acheivable accomplishment, hard work, but emaciates the spirit.

Sep. 12th, 2008

I'm growing my hair out. I'm really sick of this bullshit. It's going to take so long though.

P.S. Raw homemade almond milk. Mmmmmmmm.


Is it National Get Rid Of Your Couch week or something? Because I've literally seen 20+ curbed couches this week (none of them look very salvageable, otherwise I'd try to nab one). Also a fair assortment of plumbing or other appliances, including a WAY vintage fridge and a very pink toilet.

B52's/Lauper Summary.

Overall I have to say I was disappointed by the concert. Not by the performances - they were just right, but the crowd was awful. Never have I been in a lamer crowd. Bunch of overweight, middle-aged folk who had no sense of humor, were whiney, obnoxious and DIDN'T even get out of their seats!! I mean, what the hell! You can't just WATCH the B52's. You have to DANCE!

Highlights were "Mesompotamia" and "Rock Lobster". Oh and "Your Own Private Idado". Damn is Kate Pierson a cutie. I would marry her. Cyndi Lauper is a really dynamic performer, and I swear, she's like a cartoon character. She played "Time After Time" on a mountain dulcimer, and Rachel and I had a cute girl moment where we held hands and swayed.

Anyway, I will have to put up pictures of the ensemble I wore. I was pretty proud of it. I ended up wearing the black sequined "Eurotrash" dress that people wouldn't let me wear to my birthday party. Haha.

Anyway, Dada is over and I can kind of have a life now, which I am looking forward to. I got a supreme compliment from my professor on my paper on Max Ernst. I guess the research I did was pretty in depth and the way I interpreted the information maybe offered up some new ideas about Ernst's collage "les éventails brisés". She wants me to revise it a bit and think about presenting it to the Honors Symposium in the spring.